R3 Peptide Enhanced BB Cream, Vegan Skin Care Anti Aging 100ppm 30 grams



Brand: R3


  • INCLUDES: 1 - Container (30 grams) of R3 Peptide Enhanced BB Cream. Peptide count 100ppm (parts per million). This is the ultimate high end premium BB Cream you've been looking for! Great for Men and Women with light to medium skin. R3 - Refresh - Reborn - Regenerate
  • WHAT ARE PEPTIDES?: R3 uses a unique special formula of Nano Tech peptides engineered specifically for anti aging and anti wrinkle properties for the face and neck while also providing additional health benefits. Moisturizes and stimulates production of collagen for anti-aging. A skin conditioner and antioxidant - reduces wrinkles and scars.
  • NATURAL GLOW: Ready to ditch your expensive and time-consuming make-up routines? No more getting ready 2 hours early just to cake on contouring make-up that drowns your pores with chemicals.  How about waking up with a glowing radiant complexion and walking out the door? Our bb cream promotes collagen production and skin elasticity. Excellent for moisturizing your skin and with a bonus tint of color it leaves your skin smooth and beautiful! All of our products are CRUELTY FREE, and VEGAN!
  • WILL IT MATCH MY SKIN TONE?: Almost definitely! Our BB cream is finishes quite sheer and lightweight and does an excellent job blending into most light/medium skin colors for a effortless, natural look.
  • HOW TO USE: Made for men or women! After cleansing your face and neck and then using sunblock, R3 Toner, R3 Eye Cream, R3 Essence and R3 Emulsion or any of the R3 Super Serum Ampoule for an effect you'll notice in just a few days, apply an appropriate amount and spread it evenly on your face and neck using a makeup pad, sponge, or blender.

Publisher: R3

Details: R3 Advanced Peptide Anti Aging Skin Firming BB Cream, Natural Antioxidant Korean Beauty Ultra Intense Deep Wrinkle Moisturizing Foundation Primer Coverup Makeup Damage Repair, 100ppm 30 grams R3 For All - Refresh - Reborn - Regenerate. K Beauty Formulated for both men and women, made using Nano Technology, which is 100,000 times smaller than a human hair, this is the area that permeates between skin cells, and absorption between cells is excellent, so absorption into skin dermal layer is encouraged. In addition, it forms a membrane with natural lecithin, which is similar in structure to the biomembrane of the cells that make up the body, and induces the active ingredient deep into the skin to promote cell regeneration. Therefore, strengthening the immunity of the skin cells themselves for a more natural way to care for your skin.

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 1.3 x 0.9 inches

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